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Fareed Jillani

Chief Executive Officer

Umair saeed

Executive Director - International Relations

Muhammad Ahmed

VP Performance Marketing

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Mehak Joshi

Executive Secretary

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Khurrum Naseem

Head Digital Content & Videographer

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Moeen Ahmed Hassan

Creative Director & Photographer

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We develop & create digital future.

Competitive teams hold immense importance in any organization, as they foster innovation, drive performance, and ultimately contribute to achieving strategic goals. These teams create an environment where individuals are motivated to continuously improve and excel. The healthy competition within such teams encourages members to push their boundaries, think creatively, and develop new skills, all while delivering their best work. Moreover, competitive teams can serve as a powerful source of inspiration for one another, propelling the entire organization forward. Through healthy rivalry, they raise the bar for excellence, ensuring that the company remains adaptable and competitive in a dynamic marketplace. In essence, competitive teams are the catalysts for growth and success, driving both individual and collective achievements within the organization.


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